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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Permit or Not to Permit: that is the Question…

The Answer is not difficult, although some agonize over it

Whenever you are having construction done, whether it is a simple set of steps, a retaining wall or an addition, permits are important!  Why, you ask….because they protect you, the property owner...from bad contractors, poor workmanship & liability

·         Sometimes permits are necessary, sometimes they aren’t....how can you tell?
Simply call your local building department and explain to them exactly what you would like done, they will let you know whether or not a permit is necessary. 

·         The reason most people use a contractor is because they can’t do the work themselves! With so many contractors taking short cuts these days, permits are important. They assist the property owner by making sure the contractor is working correctly, according to building code.  Permits require certain sketches, plans, inspections, etc. according to your town, that validate the work is being done right.

·         A contractor will not be able to obtain a permit unless they are a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor in the state of  New Jersey – To be a Home Improvement Contract you must prove to the State of New Jersey that you are valid company with proper insurance, therefore if there are any accidents on the jobsite, proper coverage is in place

·         It is illegal to work without a permit and if you choose to do so and the town finds out, the fines and penalties are sure to be much higher than what the permit fee would have been.  As well, if a home owner applies for the permit, then they are supposed to be doing the work themselves.  If the homeowner hires a contractor under their own permit, that may also result in fines and penalties.

·         Having done this work for many years, we have come to one, simple solution:


Following the rules just makes everything easier and 
you’re going to end up with a professional, beautiful result!